Direct sales leads from the new site are up over 300%… indirect sales have increased over 500%

I found 1EZ Creative on the internet looking for ideas on how to improve our existing website design, since it was not working very well in the very competitive plastic surgery market I came across another surgeon’s website who’s design and ease of use blew me away. I immediately called the creator, 1EZ Creative and was so pleased at what they told me, I set up a consolation with them a few days later and was instantly sold on their abilities. They were attuned to my concerns that a website not only needed to have great visual impact but also function well and be easy to use for the consumer. At the same time, our new website needed to reinforce a potential patient’s confidence in the ability of our doctors and our practice. All the things that were lacking in 3 previous website designs that failed us.

1EZ Creative built our new website and actually had it finished, and up and running, ahead of schedule. Our direct sales leads from the new site via email are up over 300% and our indirect sales from the website to our phone have increased over 500%. We scheduled our first surgery from the new site with 2 days of being online and have continued to schedule for surgery at least 1 to 2 new patients per week since. 1EZ Creative got the job done cost effectively, quickly and without delay. They continue to provide us with ongoing search engine optimization which results in qualified increased traffic to our site every day. I couldn’t recommend anyone better.

Dr. Ron Moser, Medical Director
Aestheticare Cosmetic Surgery Centers