Orange County Graphic Design & Branding Services Ca
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Graphic Design & Branding Services

Graphic Design & Branding Services


Or can we say “HOT Branding & Custom Designs” from our cozy offices in Orange County, California? Not kidding! When you work with 1EZ Consulting, you hire experts who live and work right here in the U.S.A. Our primary task: enabling your ideas and helping you achieve measurable results through exceptional website design.


The 1EZ Consulting Graphic Design & Branding creative team consists of industry veterans – all working from our offices in Orange County, CA. Each one of our professional consultants possess true artistic ability. Being veteran entrepreneurs, they also have the capacity to blend the complex challenges of creating eye-popping web design and graphics, along with a clear, concise and effective message.


First impressions leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re in the market for website development, logo design, or collateral creation, 1EZ Consulting can help your company create a memorable, lasting impression.


Your BRAND is the face of your company.


Your brand presents the core qualities that you want to be associated with. Have you noticed how design can motivate a wide range of psychological reactions (e.g., practical, sensory, social, ego-satisfaction, economic)? If you see a small beat up automobile on the freeway, what do you perceive of the occupants? What do you perceive when you see a new BMW or Mercedes pull up beside you? Whether we like it or not, it is human behavior that causes us to read a great deal about a book merely by looking at its cover.


Our reaction to branding is even far more complex than that. We perceive a great deal from the design and placement of your brand. You can generate a whole array of reactions. A familiar design may telegraph a sense of comfort and safety; a new design can produce a sense of adventure and excitement.


A good brand design has audience reaction planned into its structure. It must be inviting and informative; it can be new and interesting, but it must also be memorable. Formulating a brand design strategy goes much deeper than a new logo and a splash of color here and there. It must be relevant so that it can increase public awareness and effectively communicate your core market offering. It must be original so that it attracts eyeballs and engages conversation. It must also have impact so that people remember it as your own.


1EZ Consulting delivers branding design services supported by a TOTAL marketing communications strategy. We weigh a wide range of settings (e.g., branding, placement, usage) and blend with key performance indicators (e.g., inquiries, engagements, interests). Your brand will stand alone as the primary representative of your total marketing communications plan.

Light the candle!

1EZ Consultants are ready. Call us for an effective brand plan now.