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Local SEO MarketingA Web Directory, unlike a search engine, lists websites by category or sub-category. These categories are based upon the entire websites, instead off one page or on keywords with a search engine. Sites usually limit the categories to one or two.

A very effective way to promote your website is to submit your website to a LOCAL WEB DIRECTORY or carefully selected niche. To submit your website to the RIGHT directories will lead to a noticeable improved ranking in the search engines! This improvement in ranking in SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) will bring you SIGNIFICANT traffic increase.  To just submit your website only to search engines will not aid in a noticeable increase of visitors to your website.

Saturating the directories relevant to you with your listing(s), increases the frequency with which the search engines “crawl” and index your website. This results in greater traffic and helps create more inquiries. Newly added material to your website is picked up by the search engine “spiders” more quickly.

Directory submission guidelines change from time to time. Therefore MANUALLY submitting your site to the directories has a higher success rate and is more effective for your business! The approval rate and success for AUTOMATED directory submissions, although quicker and less expensive, is lower. When someone enters a submission, they can adjust and follow the directions given, in order to be correct, which is what the automated entry lacks.

1EZ Creative Orange County local SEO marketing professionals strongly recommends these manually entered submissions, contact us today to get started.

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