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Mobile Web Design in Orange County1EZ Creative offers Mobile Web Design, Mobile Microsite Design and Mobile Apps Development; Mobile microsite design is the most effective way to communicate a message or concept in a way delivers a company’s message in easy to read format. Mobile microsites are designed to streamline content on a hand-held device and is designed and optimized for handheld devices like iPhone, iPad, and Tablet devices. If you are looking to stay ahead of the competition Mobile Microsites and Mobile Apps are the way to go, the future is here and your time to act is now.

Mobile Microsites and Mobile Apps are handheld versions of your website that target the mobile phone and mobile tablet users. The goal of Mobile Microsites and Mobile Apps is to deliver your information in a streamlined easy to use interface with your call to action in mind.

What do you do with a Mobile Web Site?

What are most of your customers using today, smart phones, tablets, iPhone, iPad? If you want deliver your services or products through these devices then your answer is yes. There are many reasons that a mobile website should be priority. Having the ability to deliver your message that is visually friendly on any mobile will keep your potential customer interested, otherwise there’s a chance that they will find the services or products they need elsewhere.

1EZ Creative Orange County mobile web design experts can help you design and develop your own custom Mobile Website or Mobile App today.

Head to head: Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Micro-sites

Anyone who has checked out a Website a mobile device knows the advantage of a mobile micro-site. Graphically and functionality is planned for small screens and fat fingers: everything important is easily visible. But that’s just the beginning. Even the content is different. It turns out, the specialization needed for mobile micro-sites has a second advantage: content specificity.

What this means is that the mobile site has a specific content focus to edge up organic ranking (Google favors this strategy). It’s all by design. Not only does the device look for the mobile site, it prefers it. AND the searcher is happy because the content is easy to read and the functionality is optimized for their device.

Designing and building  mobile micro-sites can typically be done by a single website designer and updates or upgrades are relatively easy. However, mobile apps are another matter.

Apps can be very costly – depending on the scope and depth of the functionality. In addition there is a lengthy App Store application process for iPhone Mobile Apps and compatibility issues for Android. We have designed apps that are part of a total marketing program. But some mobile app are considered products, which means they have their own marketing and promotion campaigns.

Design and development of a mobile app usually requires at least one front-end designer, a developer and a software developer. Your app will either use existing content or require a separate team to make sure your app has something to say.

Mobile Web Page Design

1EZ Creative will design a custom site and format your pages for viewing on smart phones and, or tablet screens, while keeping within your corporate identity, look, and feel of your main website design, and company look and feel. 1EZ Creative uses the latest in software and programming protocols to best display your mobile webpage based on the limits of the 3G, 4G, and LTE networks.

Mobile Device Touch Screen Usability

Designing mobile web sites are different than traditional websites the users experience is all touch-screen based, so it is important to design mobile websites with interactive touch screen elements in the navigation, locations, directions, maps, GPS, contact numbers, text messaging, app downloading, camera functionality, form submitting and products to name a few.

Mobile Specific Content

Mobile website content  needs to be mobile friendly. Sometimes this requires modifying the content from your desktop website. Mobile content need to effectively present an overview of the key points identified on your desktop website. Mobile device users are looking for streamlined content that is straight the point, so content should be tailored to the device.

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