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Public Relations and Marketing Communications in CAThe playing field between public relations and marketing communications have long since blurred to the point where the two are almost indistinguishable.

Public relations is about controlling what you want target audiences to know and feel about the foundation, and creating a pathway for positive action. Marketing communications focuses on strategy; nailing down results that makes your outreach effort a success.

Whatever your goals – we can take you there: increased traffic to your website, increased customer inquiries, increased rate of social media interactions, a change in attitude or perception about your organization.

1EZ Creative Orange County public relations & marketing communications agency will work with you to formulate your strategy, then build a program that deploys high-frequency, high-engagement interaction with your target audiences via all communications modes available: through the press, social media, press releases, blog article placements, two-way, one-way, word-of-mouth, face-to-face.

Your long-term marketing communication strategy will: 

  • Build Your Communications – through targeted messaging, focused deployment, branded images, carefully timed releases.
  • Build Public Awareness – deploy a ‘march of events’ that generates high value engagement and interaction with your target audience.
  • Build Your Brand – apply LTSW/STSW (look the same way, speak the same way) methodology to ensure that every engagement reinforces your brand.

Public Relations

More than being the human voice behind your press releases and messages, we will consult with you, help you spread your message and talk intelligently enthusiastically about your  organization. We will be available for “on-hand and on-call” advice and consultation to the management. But we will also ensure that you and your staff will be prepared with messaging rules and guidelines; make sure that all outbound communication fulfills your goals and that your performance metrics are being met.

Marketing Communications

Contrary to some opinions, we believe that PR should be actively involved in spreading overall branding and marketing efforts. While some aspects of “PR” may be dedicated to public information, there should be a component that helps to expand your “marcom” plan and deliver measurable results (in terms of sales inquiry or other desired participation). In some cases, PR can the essential activity for all of your outbound/inbound communications. We’ll help you envision goals and create a plan. We’ll help you prioritize.

Roles for Public Relations and Marketing Communications

Press Releases

Announce company activities and programs with timely press releases that are delivered directly to your target audience or to the news media. We use PRWeb, PR Newswire, and BusinessWire.

Content Development/Content Creation

Not only create new content, but generate content that will move audiences, augment SEO optimization, and helps build your “march of events”. Your content can be text, graphical and video – the possibilities are truly limitless.

Social Media

You’ll be surprised how we blend PR activity with social media. Interaction through sharing – engagement through information.

Market Research

We can conduct a variety of research on behalf of your company and interests. For instance, a “VOA Survey”– voice of the audience – may give you enough insight about your stakeholders to prevent you from taking missteps or missing out on unique opportunities.

Media Relations

Communicate with members of the news media (editors, journalists) regarding current press releases; send bulletins about developments and significant events; monitor editorial schedules of professional and trade journals, business sections of major news outlets for placement opportunities.

Crisis Management/Media Preparedness

Crisis management and media preparedness gives you a plan if/when the media comes calling. We’ll help you create a ‘crisis team’ and plan. We can train executives who are slated to answer media calls, create templates for quick release reactions to make the company responsive.

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