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Orange County PPC Advertising ManagementPay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a tool that is geared to focused and successful advertising. Marketing to the people who search for your specific products or services. In contrast to other advertising methods, like television, radio, printed media or billboard advertising, which did not show which target groups were interested and such, PPC shows:

  • which ads are delivering better results
  • which visitors are highly qualified
  • which advertising campaigns attract visitors and
  • which ads are adding to the bottom line

“I Know Which Part of My Marketing Works With Pay Per Click!”

Using Pay Per Click advertising, your Business only pays when someone is truly interested in your product or services and actively clicks on your advertisement. This way you save time and money to find out if and when ads do well and how well they perform. You can test new ads and adjust your business strategy according to the statistics coming from Pay per Click.

Pay As You Go

Pay Per Click is a great addition to your marketing and advertising methods! A convenient way to know you will attract a certain amount of leads for a specified dollar amount. However know also that when you stop investing in it, you also loose your leads. Continue your search engine optimization, direct mail and word of mouth advertising! Pay Per Click is a great addition to what you have!

How It Works

When you are new to advertising online, you will be choosing a network first. Then set up an account, create text ads and decide a budget for advertisement. At this moment Google Adwords is the most used Pay Per Click advertising Network, with many customers coming through, also referred to as traffic flow. However there are several other good networks out there as well. Once familiar with the process, you can decide to improve at Adwords by choosing better keywords, ads and campaigns or to add in other programs or do both.

1EZ Consulting Orange County pay per click advertising management services can generate traffic and conversions to your website within hours of launch and within your set budget with our PPC management services.

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