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The Internet has brought a new dimension to the art of branding. Your brand may be your single most important differentiator in the marketplace today.

The world’s premier brands stand out above the rest and set the industry standards. They are more influential and dynamic than their competition. These brands surpass their competition and deeply affect members of their target audiences.

What makes them exceptional? 1EZ Creative has discovered that consumers value memorable brand experiences that demonstrate a deep understanding and respect for their individual needs. Delivering exceptional experiences enables you to build strong, enduring customer relationships which equate to profitable businesses. 1EZ’s passion is to help you create those experiences.

With our methodology, core competencies, and solutions, 1EZ can help you build a unique brand that will distinguish your company from the competition.

First impressions leave a lasting impression. When you convey a positive brand message that produces memorable sensory experiences, you leave a favorable impression with your target audience. Let 1EZ Creative Orange County Branding Agency help you create memorable, lasting impressions with brands that uplift, intrigue, and engage.

The Story of a New Startup

What’s in a name?

The goal was to create a name that would hold it’s own for both a manufacturer as well as a future consumer retail entity. The company’s  initial plan was to design and produce authentically unique furniture and decor collections for every part of the home.

After several weeks of playing with words and the emotional cues those words created, we came across the word Plank and the word Hide… After testing repsonse with a broad demographic of potential target consumers, we knew we had a hit.

Then came the brandable typeface and plaque logo that would become the foundation on which to build a brand. The keywords for the company were defined as: Authentic,

A brand is born.

Our creative team at W/Group Create conjured up the idea of Plank&Hide Co. emanating from an authentic turn of the century old brick factory probably located somewhere on the south side of Chicago… a magical place and time where creative, authentic craftsmanship was the cornerstone in the design and fabrication of trend setting home decor solutions.

We then set out to build a flagship permanent showroom at the Las Vegas Market. What began as a ficticous factory reminiscent of a turn of the century old brick and steel factory was concepted and then built with the support of a team of very talented craftsmen. With a 20 ft. themed gathering bar as a centerpiece surrounded by rusted steel, aged wood and iron embellishments, we wrapped an image laden and styled interior showroom with aged white brick columns crowned with steel channel and iron transom windows. Custom doors and desks were accented with antique fire hydrants and aged wood and steel details.

Building a brand image …

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