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Orange County Branding AgencyThe Internet has brought a new dimension to the art of branding. Your brand may be your single most important differentiator in the marketplace today.

The world’s premier brands stand out above the rest and set the industry standards. They are more influential and dynamic than their competition. These brands surpass their competition and deeply affect members of their target audiences.

What makes them exceptional? 1EZ Creative has discovered that consumers value memorable brand experiences that demonstrate a deep understanding and respect for their individual needs. Delivering exceptional experiences enables you to build strong, enduring customer relationships which equate to profitable businesses. 1EZ’s passion is to help you create those experiences.

With our methodology, core competencies, and solutions, 1EZ can help you build a unique brand that will distinguish your company from the competition.

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Our client came to us with the dream to create a new home furniture company. The plan was to design and build furniture and decor items with a nod to century old craftsmanship and techniques. The customer was looking for a memorable name that encompassed both their contemporary design and established craft, as well as, a visual brand direction that could initially create a powerful web presence while also having the ability to later transition to an effective in-person campaign at retail stores.

First we went to word play eventually landing on the name Plank & Hide Co™. Next came branded literature and the design + build of a 10,000 sq. ft. showroom in Las Vegas. Ongoing photography, ads continue to reinforce the brand ethos established at the project outset.

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