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Orange County Web Design 1EZ Creative1EZ Creative is a nationally recognized full-service Orange County web design and digital marketing agency specializing in custom WordPress web design, search engine optimization, copywriting, and branding services for Southern California.

We bring over 20+ years of hands on experience working with clients throughout the United States, Canada, Europe. We have launched thousands of websites, created hundreds of logo’s, collateral pieces, and search engine optimization campaigns. Working with clients of all sizes we combine clear design with solid technical realization to create projects that truly inspire, inform, interact and sell.

Our award winning group is involved experienced experts including web consultants, website designers, copywriters, programmers, and internet marketing specialists. We design and build responsive, seo rich custom WordPress websites that match the unique requirements that your business demands. In addition, we manage public relations and corporate communications, and deploy campaigns through social media, and the press. In fact, there’s nothing that we have not done for our clients. 1EZ Creative’s Orange County web design and online marketing specialists are ready for your business, website design and internet marketing needs. We measure our prosperity by our customer’s prosperity; we create websites and marketing plans that drive results and enable businesses to grow.

1EZ Creative are Newport Beach Web Design and Irvine Web Design experts in Orange County, Ca.

Focused on Creative and Results-Driven Solutions Since 1998

WordPress Web Designers

Perfectly Responsive WordPress Website Design
Desktops, Tablets & Mobile Devices

We are proud to work with customers like: John Wayne Airport, Media Partners World Wide, GreenFruit Avocados, Branche Beauty Sleep, Joe Blasco Cosmetics, D’Modern Beauty, Eteco Inc., La Quinta Medspa, Fuel Gard, and so many more.


WordPress only a blogging platform? Although that used to be true in the past, WordPress has evolved throughout the years into a versatile content management system (CMS).


We know the web is no longer just on the desktop. We put a huge emphasis on responsive design, which ensures viewers get the best possible browsing experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Our  WooCommerce eCommerce web designers use the latest responsive design solutions to your products will be viewable on multiple devices including desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Local & National Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blog Marketing, Copywriting, Pay Per Click Advertising


Branding, Logo Design, Brochures, Catalogs, Direct Mail, Presentations, Photography, Video Creation, Showrooms. Trade Shows, Point of Sales Graphics


Custom Database Programming, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, HTML5 & CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, Mobile Application Development, Android & IOS

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WordPress Web Design + Brand Strategy + Digital Marketing
Creating Websites That Drive Results

1EZ Creative works with small business websites to large company enterprises, specializing in web design, development, business branding, logo design, digital marketing, content strategy, and copy writing services based in Newport Beach, Irvine Ca.

1EZ Creative Orange County web design company consistently dreams, executes and delivers inspired, innovative marketing solutions for web, print, web site design, identity, packaging & exhibits, Considered an Orange County best web design and seo firm.

We offer a comprehensive turn-key creative solution to achieving your marketing goals.

We’re not just the big box of crayons (though we love crayons). We apply a heavy dose of strategic marketing smarts to all our endeavors.

After all, If we create something pretty for you, you’ll probably really like us… but… if we create something really pretty that impacts your market and your bottom line… well then, we’re pretty sure you’ll love us.

Decisively Responsive, Conclusively Easy, That’s 1EZ Creative

Alright Then, So Why Don’t We Get Started On That New Site with the Orange County Web Design Experts

As a brand, web design is one of the more critical parts of your branding initiatives. An attractive website will get more traffic compared to other sites. Responsive website design is considered an important ranking signal. It means your brand needs the best in the business when it comes to web design.

If you’re looking for the best web design company in Orange County, then you’re in the right place. 1EZ Creative can offer you professional quality web design at a great price. As a client, you have a team of experts at your disposal. Getting a fantastic looking website has never been easier.

How We Became the #1 Web Design Company in Orange County?

As a leading website design firm in Orange County, we pride ourselves on our quality. Here are a few reasons why we’ve been able to clinch the top spot.

Experience In The Niche

As far as web design is concerned, the experience is a vital part of the branding operation. With over two decades of web design expertise, your brand and website are in safe hands. We’ve handled various niches and have been able to deliver stellar results for our clients. Any needs are handled completely in-house by our teams.

Great Reviews Online

If you want a second opinion about us, all you need to do is check the web. We have excellent reviews with all our clients. Most of our client list are repeat businesses. As a business, we understand the value of customer feedback. Even if problems crop up, we make sure to remedy the situation at no cost from your end.

Expert Design Team In-house

As a full-service web design firm in Orange County, we do not believe in outsourcing. We have expert designers and artists in the company. There is no need to involve third parties in our engagements. We know how important client privacy is and do everything to safeguard it. Your data and information is stored completely with us.

Understand Web Design Theory

Today’s business needs web design that is dynamic and connected. Most Orange County website design companies deliver a low-quality set of web pages. We understand web design theory and employ this in our process. It gives us the insight to create a quality and cohesive user experience.

Worked For Big Brands

Having worked for bigger brands, we are capable of taking on tasks of any size. Engaging with the best in the business means we need to be exemplary as well. Our team and strategies are optimized to perfection. We are confident that you will find our results suited to your tastes.

Adept Coders

Adept Coders

Appearance is not the only aspect of a good website. The underlying code is important to the functionality. Since the competition is high, your website needs every advantage to perform well. 1EZ Creative has expert coders at their disposal. They make sure that your website is ready to beat your competitors.

Cutting-edge Tools

With the advancement in technology, the adoption of modern design tools is a necessity. Besides having the best people, we also use new and powerful tools. The advantage we have with these tools is that it delivers great results in a quick time. It means you save a lot of time and money by engaging us.

Extensive Testing Methods

Testing is an important and time-consuming part of the web design process. As a brand, we believe in comprehensive testing to achieve our goals. All our design methodologies and assets are tested for errors or lapses. Before we fix on a design, our team uses A/B testing methods to deliver the best results for you.

Rapid Prototyping Models

As a premium design services provider, we know the advantages of prototyping to a process. Apart from testing, prototyping is the best method to check for issues in the design. Most companies don’t opt for this because it can take a lot of time. But, we have been able to streamline this process.

Incorporate SEO Principles

With the increase in competition, web design has evolved to include SEO. But, most of our competitors still stick to design as a single entity. The problem with this approach is that your results will be less than optimal. We work to make your designs compatible with today’s SEO guidelines.

Design For Social Media

Social media has been a valuable resource for brands seeking leads and conversions. You need to make your website more social media friendly to attract the right people. We can take care of your social media page when it comes to design. We also get your landing page ready for social media leads.

Transparent Communication

We strive to maintain a great client to a service provider relationship. To this end, we ensure that we are upfront with anything about the engagement. Anything related to the process will be available for your reference. We will also be available for feedback if anything needs to be changed.

Working Within Deadlines

With businesses, time is money. It means that delivering within deadlines becomes a priority. Our team of experts usually delivers well ahead of deadlines. But we never compromise on design quality. Our reporting keeps you in the loop regarding the progress of the engagement. We know how important, timely delivery is to you.

Can Work With Any CMS Platform

Adaptability is a trait that we possess and make sure our clients benefit. Our team is experienced and able to work with a wide array of different CMS. It gives us an advantage because we can adapt quickly to any working environment.

Inspired By Modern Trends

Since the marketplace is evolving rapidly, you need a partner to keep up with it. We make sure that we are consistently ahead of the curve when it comes to trends. Only the most innovative methods produce results. We have developed tailored methods to deliver excellent results for your business.

Extensive Customer Support

For us, customers are everything. Our attention to client support is what has made us as a business. To this end, we have a responsive support ecosystem that helps customers with issues, especially about their website design or code. We enable them to get the most out of their engagement with us.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Website Design Company in Orange County?

Web design is always best executed by a professional agency like 1EZ Creative. With several custom packages, you can tailor your experience with us.

All Services At One Place

Getting a full-service digital company for your business is the right way to go. They can deliver turnkey operations when it comes to website design. By opting for a service provider, your core team can focus on your business. It can improve your margins by a lot.

Saves Time And Money

Being in this competitive phase of business, any savings when it comes to time is critical. Hiring a web design company can help save effort for your team. It lets your company develop their skills and business. As a brand, getting professional help for your website design is a smart choice.

Vast Portfolio

We’ve been serving our clients in the Orange County area for more than twenty years. We have hundreds of satisfied clients in various domains; we can deliver results for you. We can provide you client references and reviews so you can verify them.

Flexible Pricing

As a premium website services company, we are flexible when it comes to our pricing. We can deliver performance at various price points for our clients. It makes us one of the best choices when it comes to design services.

Modern Strategies

As the market evolves, the onus is on businesses to adapt. If you fail to adapt, then the results will fall way behind the curve. That is why you need a company that pursues current trends in web design. It can get more people interested in your brand.

Responsive Designs

As mobile devices penetrate the market, the need of the hour is responsive web design. Responsive design adapts to all screen sizes regardless of the device. It ensures that everyone browning your website has a consistent experience.

Easier To Manage

For a brand to succeed in its niche, the key is to focus on their core skills. That is why you should hire an expert web design company. Your team doesn’t have to be involved with something they are not used to. It makes processes easier to manage, as well.

Better ROI

Every business should be trying to maximize their ROI to succeed. Hiring a web design company is a great option to consider. One reason, it involves fewer costs than hiring your team. Secondly, the results are guaranteed. Both of these factors enable brands to improve revenue.

SEO Adaptability

Web design needs to work with SEO to achieve maximum benefit. We make sure that our design process adheres to current SEO guidelines. It is important as the design needs to be compatible with your SEO process.

Improved Trust And Credibility

Improved Trust And Credibility

Hiring a professional design company can improve your brand perception and trust. The competent design will ensure that your audience finds your brand dependable. There are specific design strategies that we use, which can help. We can deliver the best in class design services for your brand.

Strict Quality Control

Our business is extremely focused on quality, and we think it is warranted. We make sure that our clients get the best deliverables when they hire us. We are very rigorous when it comes to quality control. It has enabled us to grow as a business. It has enabled us to grow our client roster.

Quick Turnarounds

We are all about delivering within deadlines. As a business, we completely understand how important delivering on time is. Our deliverables are guaranteed to be delivered before time. And we make exceptions only if there are changes or iterations to the process.

Types of Web Design Services We Offer

Here is a list of design services that 1EZ Creative can deliver in Orange County.

Ecommerce Website Design

As an extremely competitive niche, eCommerce website designs need to be on point. Here, load times and design elements used are critical to its success. Even changing the color of a button has an impact on website metrics. That is why you should only opt for an experienced web design agency for eCommerce. Read more on eCommerce Web Design here.

WordPress CMS Design

WordPress is probably the most popular CMS used by businesses. Designing an optimal website on WordPress might be easy. But because everyone is using it, innovative website design is difficult. We have worked with WordPress extensively and know how to get the most out of it. Read more on WordPress Web Design here.

Static Website Design

When you need a ‘nothing extra’ design template for your brand, look no further. We are experts when it comes to static website design. Static websites are a lot cheaper to develop. They also do not have a lot of hosting requirements. But developing and managing it requires a high level of skill.

Dynamic Website Design

Dynamic design is trending when it comes to niche sectors. The reason is that they are a lot nicer to look at. It also has several functionalities built into the website design. A dynamic website is much more appealing to the average customer. But it might have load time issues if not properly optimized.

Educational Website Design

Good website design is important when it comes to educational purposes. It has to be created with an understanding of what the audience wants. The purpose of an educational website is to convey information efficiently. We can help you get the most out of this process.

Lawyer Website Design

Law firms and attorney websites are one of the most competitive niches when it comes to design. The aim is to focus on creating a positive impact on the clients through design. Color choice and other design elements play an important role in lawyer websites.

There are many Orange County web design companies to choose from. But we believe that you want the best. 1EZ Creative are the people you can trust with your brand design. We make sure to deliver exceptional results for your brand.

Are you looking for the #1 web design company in Orange County?

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