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WordPress Development Orange CountyThe impact of making a favorable first impression on visitors to your website cannot be understated. The last decade has given rise to a more sophisticated web user who often rates your company based solely on the visual experience you provide online.

A company website should be professional, aesthetically appealing, and extremely compelling. With the power to complete a sale, educate an audience, and provide mission-critical information, it should also be closely attuned with the needs of your audience and in line with your business objectives. For many organizations, their websites have become the hub for communication, information, and education.

As more businesses jump on the Internet to reach a bigger market and enhance corporate image, the need for a dynamic and market-oriented website increases.

The 1EZ Creative Difference

WordPress Development Orange County design experts create or redesign websites that will put your business in the spotlight and bring new business opportunities your way. We expertly guide you through the website design and creation process with everything from design and architecture to development and launch.

1EZ unites the power of art and technology by integrating the best in web design and custom website programming expertise. With a balanced focus on the user experience and your business objectives, we create innovative solutions that deliver real results.

The secret behind our website design formula? We focus on providing lasting, memorable web experiences. Ones that both engage your visitors and connect them with the real nature of your business. Our combination of easy navigation, clear and concise content, plus a distinctive and awe-inspiring presentation will result in a high-impact web experience that keeps you at the forefront of your clients’ minds.

Staying competitive in today’s market means fully capitalizing on your existing information technology investments and developing new systems that provide value to your organization. 1EZ Creative’s Orange County web development & programming services allow you to develop, transform, integrate, and manage your systems for maximum performance.

Our expert programmers create solutions around the specific needs of industries. We deliver unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks, and service delivery innovation.

1EZ takes charge of the IT needs of your entire enterprise. The spectrum of our programming services extends from Application Development and Maintenance to Service-Oriented Architecture and e-Commerce. Our enterprise solutions serve clients from a wide range of industries, including automotive, construction, education, finance, industrial, legal, healthcare, real estate, and technology.

We provide complete project life-cycle services—from application and system design, through development and implementation, to documentation and training. Our comprehensive-focused application services incorporate best practices, global delivery, quality delivery models, and quality-enabled processes.

Our application services are designed to fit the unique needs of each client. We thoroughly review your corporate history, key resources, business practices, challenges, and goals. We then develop a comprehensive solution based on proven methodologies and your specifications.

Irrespective of technologies, the most important element at the core of each 1EZ project is you, the client. Ensuring the success of your website requires strong communication and a thorough understanding of your business requirements.

Applying 1EZ’s methodology to the development of your project allows for your feedback at all times, thus enabling the realization of your specific programming objectives. The five key steps of our program development approach are:

1) Requirements Definition
Our objective is to clearly understand your business and website requirements. Taking into consideration your customers and their needs, we help you define your requirements and provide a detailed scope of the project. We then deliver a project proposal, a requirement specification sheet, and a development contract.

2) Designing and Planning
After reaching an agreement on the project requirements, we plan the design and delivery of a solution. Utilizing your feedback, we finalize the specifications for functional, architectural, user interface, and database design, forming a solid foundation for the project to build on.

3) Development and Testing
Our programmers will develop and implement your solution within a test environment. After the completion of major components, you will be able to review our progress. This will give you the quality assurance you need and the feedback we require to conduct further testing.

4) Deployment and Implementation
After rigorous quality assurance testing, the project is ready to be deployed in a live production environment. Working in tandem with you to implement the completed solution, we measure project success and review future enhancements.

5) Maintenance
Our maintenance approach involves continual testing and troubleshooting of your website even after deployment. To resolve any technical difficulties you may experience, we will correspond with you and provide you with the technical information you need to get familiar with your site.

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