Project Description

Coast Machinery Movers

Coast Machinery Movers share one passion at Coast, seamlessly providing turn-key movement of equipment, machinery, and anything that can be crated, lifted, and transported across the globe. With 50 years of industry experience at Coast, you have access to our extended specialty companies. In addition to Crating, Packaging and Logistics, our Machine Moving, Specialty Rigging and Construction Services provide invaluable insight and knowledge for your unique end-to-end solutions. As part of our world-class service, Coast Companies offers a suite of enhanced services to accompany all of your heavy equipment moving needs. Coast has an experienced team of Project Managers and Plant Relocation Specialists that have the keen ability to recognize issues in advance and provide project solutions in real-time.

Coast is the exclusive contracting supplier for the largest Aerospace groups in North America. We have been involved with nearly every Aerospace manufacturer in the US and operated Internationally on critical projects. As you can see through our project history, Coast’s legacy has been built on strong relationships and trust across the Aerospace industry.

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