3 Ways That Website ADA Compliance Impacts Your Business

ADA Website Compliance Consulting Orange County

The changes brought about by the latest interpretations and additions to the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) imply many things for your business. Since the changes are still being interpreted and modified, it is vital to stay informed with the latest developments in ADA compliance to ensure that you are fulfilling your legal obligations. Unless you are a legal expert, there are likely aspects of the legislation of which you are unaware.

If you have already prepared your pages to be completely accessible to a wide range of abilities, then you likely will not have to change much. Consulting with a professional Orange County web design team is a good step to take as a precaution, however. It is also still important to be aware of what the latest rules mean for your business to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Here are three specific ways that website ADA compliance will impact your business.

There Is Potential For A Lawsuit

One of the biggest aspects of ADA rules that businesses are keeping an eye on is the potential for a lawsuit. This is one of the reasons why it is best to consult with a professional Orange County web design team when making ADA modifications to your website.

Those who live with disabilities are increasingly turning to litigation in order to motivate companies to make the necessary changes to make their sites easier to use. While few businesses should want to consciously ignore the ADA requirements, there is motivation for making these changes in the financial damage that your company could receive if you do not take action.

This is not an unusual occurrence these days either. Big brands like Reebok and Domino’s Pizza have already been hit with big lawsuits for their lack of proper accessibility on their websites. With new lawsuits filed every day, it is reckless to think that your business will be immune. Even if you do not consider yourself a big player in your industry, there are many examples of smaller and local companies being taken to court over their lack of ADA compliance.

Do not let your business fall into this trap. Do yourself and all disabled Americans a favor. Do what it takes to make your website ADA compliant and avoid the potential for a lawsuit entirely. Contact a WordPress web design team in Orange County right away to get started. With so much at stake, there is no reason to ignore the potential for a lawsuit.

Your Reputation Is At Stake

Beyond the tangible legal damages that your business will suffer if you do not heed the requirements of ADA compliance, the significant public shaming that you could face will be much more severe.

Consider the impact that a disgruntled customer can have through the power and reach of social media. In these cases, you may be able to address the issue by highlighting how that customer’s experience was a one-off and that you will do everything you can to rectify the situation. But when it comes to ADA compliance, your business will not be doing everything it can. This will invoke serious social repercussions for your company.

Let a qualified team of Orange County web design professionals allow you to navigate the nuances of ADA compliance and social media management with ease.

Failing To Be ADA Compliant Will Be More Time Consuming

In the case that your business is presented with a lawsuit if you fail to make your pages ADA compliant, this will sap valuable time and money from other important areas of your business. Rather than being immersed in the unpleasantness of dealing with legal troubles, you could be running your business with the attention that it deserves.

For the minimal investment in a professional WordPress web design team in Orange County to make the requisite changes to ensure ADA compliance for you, you can be sure that you will not need to waste time and resources in the future. The opportunity cost of failing to adhere to these guidelines is too great to ignore. While business is a risky pursuit, this is not an area where you should be comfortable with uncertainty.

Bonus – Reap The Benefits!

Even though new changes potentially mean more work for you, there are many benefits that your business will reap from being ADA compliant. Consumers with disabilities represent a huge potential market that your business may be missing out on. The advantages of having access to a larger audience will potentially open up your products and services to more revenue opportunities.

Many of the changes that ADA compliance entails for your digital presence will also make your pages better in general. This is one reason why a professional in WordPress web design in Orange County would welcome these changes. Making sure that things are easy to read and have a logical flow will not only keep you within your legal obligations but will make your pages more attractive to your current customer base.

Gain Insight Into ADA Compliance With WordPress Web Designers In Orange County

Navigating the impacts that ADA compliance will have for your business is a tricky task. Due to the seriousness of this topic, it is recommended by all WordPress web designers in Orange County that you take the time to learn more about this process and make the necessary changes as soon as possible. Changes are happening with regards to this legislation all of the time, and this makes it even more critical to stay informed and have a professional group ensure that you are doing everything you can.

While you should certainly not hope that your business is perceived in a bad light, you run the risk of bringing significant financial and social damage to it if you do not act soon. To ensure that you are fully up to date with what ADA compliance means for your website and your business, contact our team of WordPress web designers in Orange County today.