7 Improvements You Can Make To Your Website Design During The Coronavirus Outbreak

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The coronavirus has dramatically changed the business landscape in an extremely short period of time. While things like eCommerce and online transactions have been more prevalent in the past few years (as noted by Orange County web design professionals), the pandemic has turned these forms of business into the new normal. Other changes, like excess downtime or emergency closures for non-essential businesses, are frustrating business owners everywhere.

However, it is important to seize the opportunities that are taking shape amid the coronavirus pandemic. By positioning your business in the right way in terms of web design and eCommerce, you can ensure that you will be ready to hit the ground running when the economy starts to fire up again.

Let’s look at seven specific improvements that you can make to your website’s design during the coronavirus outbreak.

Put Together An Email Campaign

If you have never used email campaigns as a method of reaching your customers, then now is the time to start. Email campaigns are a valuable outreach and marketing method that can keep your customers informed about new products and services that are being offered by your company. They can also simply provide updates about your business. Amid the uncertainty of the coronavirus, keeping your customers informed about your business has never been more important. If you lack the technical savvy or experience to put together an effective campaign yourself, get in touch with Orange County web design professions who will be happy to assist.

Build Up The Content

While the coronavirus pandemic is putting a lot of business plans on hold, it is important to realize that there are still a lot of things that owners can be doing to move things forward. Preparing for a post-pandemic future now by taking advantage of the time that you have is essential. One of the best things you can do in this regard is to come up with great content for your website. By providing you with more time to carefully consider topics and come up with content that your customers will find engaging and useful, the current lockdown period can still be valuable for your business.

Update Your Product Offerings

Now is a good time to audit your website and make sure that all of the information you provide on it is still up to date and accurate. Have your products and services changed recently? If so, then keeping your page updated to reflect what your business currently offers is important for keeping customers happy. Not only will this prevent frustration if your site continues to list items that are no longer offered by your company, but it will also allow your newer products to be featured on your site.

Get in touch with Orange County web design professionals to complete a full audit of your site. You will be able to ensure that there are no dead links or non-functional pages that are ruining the professionalism of your website too.

Build Out Your Brand

Is your branding integrated with your website? It is critical to develop a strong brand voice that flows through all of your interactions with customers. Your website needs to be an instrumental part of this process. By doing things like starting a blog or posting on social media, you can engage with your audience throughout the pandemic and keep them informed about your business. People are looking for reliable sources of information in these uncertain times. By providing a consistent brand message, you can provide your customers with what they want while setting yourself up for long-term success. WordPress web design professionals in Orange County specialize in integrating brands with business websites, so get in touch with them today to get started.

Conduct A Speed Test

The loading speed of your website is one of the critical ranking factors for Google’s search algorithm. Having an unnecessarily slow loading time will leave your site placed lower in the rankings than it should be. Not only that, but slow sites will seriously frustrate your customers. Perform a speed test using Google’s free tools to see where you currently stand. If things are a bit slow, then WordPress web design professionals in Orange County will be able to help you out.

Update Your eCommerce Platform

With more people shopping online now than ever before, it is important to make sure that your current eCommerce platform is up to the task. If you have been encountering many problems with increased order volume or in keeping transactions secure, then explore your options and consider switching to a new platform. WordPress web designers in Orange County will be able to help you choose the best platform to meet the needs of your business. By sorting these technical woes out now, you will be able to have peace of mind when things return to normal too.

Take A Look At Your Data

All of the tricks in the book are useless for building your online presence if you have no accurate way of tracking your results. If you are unable to tell what is working and what is not, then you will forever be leaving your success to chance. Many business owners already take advantage of analytical tools to track their web performance. However, many do not! If you do not already use analytical tools to track visitor data or SEO performance, then get in touch with a team of WordPress web designers in Orange County to get started.

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Each of these improvements is an essential practice for web design even in non-crisis times. Therefore, if you are not currently implementing any of these practices within your business, then now is the time to start.

By seizing the opportunity of these times (with more time to reflect and audit your existing practices), you can prepare your business for a prosperous performance in the post-pandemic period. If you need help with moving your marketing strategy forward, get in touch with our 1EZ Creative team of Orange County web design experts today.