6 Tips To Help You Find The Right Keywords To Target

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Finding the right keywords for your content is sometimes a trickier process than it might seem. Though keyword targeting has long been the standard practice in the SEO world, including among the professional WordPress web designers in Orange County, the best way to go about it tends to change slightly as keywords become increasingly competitive and as Google updates its search algorithm.

Keeping up to date and staying informed as to the best ways to research and apply keywords in your content will allow your web presence to remain strong. In the increasingly competitive digital environment, failing to optimize your keywords using the latest research and advice will leave your valuable content ignored and hidden to your target audience.

To help give you the edge you need to consistently use keywords effectively, let’s look at six specific tips from WordPress web design professionals in Orange County that you can use right away to find the right keywords to target.

Know What Your Goals Are

Before embarking on keyword research, it is imperative that you have some goals for your SEO in mind. 1EZ Creative SEO Marketing Orange County professionals have seen too many digital marketing approaches that fail to start off with this central point. While you may have some success if you blindly run into the keyword research process right off the cuff, it is far more efficient to ensure success by establishing clear goals (including quantifiable metrics) that you want to achieve.

Survey The Team

Getting some insight into what keywords your team would use to search for the content that you are creating is a good second step to take. Asking different departments and inquiring as to what the best keywords are to represent your products and brand characteristics will get you started in the right direction.

At this stage, it is also helpful to gather some insight into your target audience. While your business plan should already have a detailed idea of who your target audience is, it is critical that you distill this profile into tangible keyword ideas that you can use to get your audience to connect with your content. One favorite technique of 1EZ Creative Orange County web design is to use commonly asked questions about products and services in your industry through Google search results for some inspiration.

Look At What Works For Your Competitors

While it is important to be original when it comes to standing out as a brand, getting started in the correct use of keywords can benefit from looking at your online competitors. Start with a simple overview of their web presence and try to identify what topics they are focusing on with their content and what they seem to be targeting in terms of keywords.

These days, however, you can go much further. WordPress web designers in Orange County can direct you to many analytical tools that you can use to find out what keywords your competitors are focusing on and ranking for. Try exploring some of these, often free, options to get some insight into what keywords remain open for you to exploit and what keywords are saturated by intense competition. This will help you to direct your efforts and resources appropriately.

Do Some Actual Keyword Research

After you have a solid understanding of the context of the digital space and relevant keywords, you can start using the tools at your disposal to conduct some actual keyword research. Online tools can provide you with keywords that are related to those you have already identified through your qualitative research.

Try to remember to include some negative keywords in your search to make it easier for Google’s ranking algorithm to match your content to users looking for it. Negative keywords are words that you do not want to rank for. While this might seem like a bad thing for your web traffic potential, it will ensure that the right audience finds your pages.

If you are also a business that is focused on one particular geographic area, then make sure to explore the opportunities in terms of keywords for local SEO. Making sure to consider some local keywords in your research will provide you with insight into how to capture more of your local market when it comes to online searching.

Group Your Keywords By Topic

To enhance the relevance of your keywords, make sure to group them by theme or topic. Orange County web design professionals have noticed that organizing keywords in this way ensures that you can perform higher in search rankings, as you will more closely be able to match with a user’s search intent.

Keep Track Of Your Results

It happens far too often that businesses spend a great deal of time on keyword research but fail to measure the results of their efforts in a coherent way. Make sure that you follow the best practices for keyword research, as established by WordPress web design professionals in Orange County, and keep track of the performance of your pages in terms of boosting web traffic and search rankings.

Keeping track of your results using KPIs and analytical tools will help you to gauge whether your efforts are working or whether you need to rethink an aspect of your approach. There are any number of things that you might be overlooking when it comes to targeting the right keywords, so making sure to have data to base your future decisions on is a huge advantage. Make sure not to miss out on it.

Keyword Research From Orange County Web Design Professionals

Following the steps outlined here will put you ahead of many businesses who do not take the process of keyword research as seriously as they should. However, mastering the art and science of keyword research takes experience and a professional touch.

If you are just starting out with keyword research or if your existing techniques do not seem to be reaping your business the results that you want to see, then contact the team of SEO Marketing Orange County professional today.