5 Content Marketing Trends You Must Be Aware Of For 2020

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It is always best to not leave things to chance when it comes to your digital marketing strategy. While you might currently be paying lip service to some of the best practices in content marketing that worked years ago, you likely have lapsed and let your guard down when it comes to staying relevant and at the cutting edge of this essential component of your overall approach.

Since what works and what does not in the field of content marketing can rapidly change, it is important to have some guidance when it comes to optimizing in this area for the New Year. Reading up on some of the latest trends in content marketing will give you a bit more context and allow you to see where you might be falling short or making mistakes when it comes to this essential part of your digital marketing strategy.

To get you up to speed quickly, let’s look at five specific content marketing trends highlighted by WordPress web design professionals in Orange County that will bring you results in 2020.

Let User Search Intent Drive Your Content Creation

While it is important to be original and design your content based on the expertise you have in a particular niche, you need to remember that your content also needs to be geared towards attracting an audience, in addition to being informative and educational. Keep in mind what users are searching for that is leading them to your existing content in the first place.

Orange County web design professionals recommend that you are multifaceted in your approach towards capturing user intent. Think about the different reasons and types of searches that your audience may conduct in order to find more about your industry or niche. Think about what information they might be looking for, what exploratory searches they might conduct in order to better make a purchasing decision for your product, and what your audience may search for when they are ready to make a purchase of products just like yours.

If you can ensure that your pages can capture each of these components of a user’s search intent, you will certainly see more results in 2020. Google’s algorithm increasingly caters directly to search intent, beyond simple keyword targeting, so it will pay off to consider this the new normal.

Get Into Catering Your Content For Voice Search

More user searches are being conducted through voice search than ever before. As voice search technology becomes increasingly sophisticated and accurate, you can expect that it will continue to play a bigger role in how businesses need to construct their content, learn more a about our website copywriting services Orange County.

One of the biggest tips offered by WordPress web designers in Orange County is to consider how natural speech generates different search queries than searches conducted through typing. For example, you can expect that complete questions, answering who, what, why, and the like, will be more effective in ranking your content for voice search.

The sooner you can get your content geared for the natural nuances of voice search, the better. Most businesses are still lagging behind in this area and getting a jump start on optimizing here will allow you to begin the New Year on the best possible footing.

Remember The Importance Of Visual

While it is imperative that you keep your text-based content strong, WordPress web designers in Orange County highlight the importance of visual-based content to keeping your content marketing strategy optimal. Remember that the human brain is wired to process visual information more quickly than any other form. Having images, videos and infographics as critical components of your content will allow you to capture and retain more user attention.

As the New Year approaches, make sure to keep the visual aspects of your content in mind. If you have not yet branched out into video-based content, then be sure to give this a try to see better results with your digital marketing strategy overall.

Perfect Your Personalization

Orange County web design professionals have noticed that the trend towards individualized and personalized content is only becoming more important as time goes on. In the New Year, you can expect to find personalization playing an increasingly vital role in capturing user attention. Since the experience economy has boosted the importance of a customer’s relationship with your brand to new heights, you can distinguish yourself from your competitors easily by providing users with a more individualized experience.

To start, try curating your content for your users in a personalized way. This can easily be done in an automated way, through email, for example, or with the assistance of WordPress web design professionals in Orange County. Not all of your content will be relevant to every user, so make sure to maximize the effectiveness of your great content by showcasing it to the right audience every time.

Influencer Marketing Continues To Rise

If your brand has neglected to consider the relevance of social influencer marketing, then Orange County web design professionals recommend that now is the time to get on board. While it might seem like an updated version of celebrity endorsements, influencer marketing offers brands much more than this. Enlisting a subject matter expert to use and showcase your products with an audience that trusts and respects their opinion can bring a tremendous boost to your business.

Make sure to explore content creation opportunities with a relevant influencer in the coming year.

Boost Your Content Marketing With WordPress Web Designers In Orange County

As content marketing continues to evolve and change as time goes on and as Google’s ranking algorithm becomes increasingly sophisticated, it is important to stay informed about the best practices in this field.

Getting on board with the trends outlined here will ensure that your content starts off strong in the New Year; however, it is important not to get complacent. If you can benefit from the experienced approach of a team that has helped many businesses find better success in terms of content marketing, then look for a Orange County Web Design professional company lie 1EZ Creative today.