4 Advantages Of Your Business Website Being ADA Compliant

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New interpretations and compliance rules related to the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) have many businesses frantically trying to change their websites to make them more accessible. With the real threat of legal action hanging over major companies like Reebok and Domino’s Pizza, there is a real incentive to make these changes as the owner of any business page, whether your business is large or small.

Coverage of these developments has tended to focus on the downsides and hassles of making changes to business websites. However, professionals in WordPress web design in Orange County have noticed that there are real advantages to bringing your website into the twenty-first century and opening it up to everyone. These benefits need to be highlighted to change the narrative of what ADA compliance is all about.

Let’s look at four specific advantages that your business can expect after you make your website ADA compliant.

Easier For Everybody

Having a web page that is accessible to those who have disabilities will also make it easier to access for everyone. In the process of making your text more readable and your color contrasts clearer, this will actually make your page better in the eyes of a lot of people, with and without disabilities.

There is a real problem with a lack of usability when it comes to many business websites and this is something that a team that specializes in WordPress web design in Orange County can help you with. Making your pages more logical to benefit those with cognitive, neurological, or musculoskeletal disabilities will not only benefit these people but will also make it clearer for just about everybody else too.

Aspects of your pages such as alternative image text are also additions that need to be welcomed. This is not simply because they are increasingly necessary as a part of ADA compliance but because they are critical for designing a good website.

If you need advice on how to design a high-quality website that will work well with a broad audience and be ADA compliant, then look to an Orange County web design team.

Fits In With SEO

What few people realize, even in the digital marketing world, is that ADA compliance is actually a great means of dramatically improving your SEO. Many of the same things that businesses are changing to make their websites more accessible also have the additional benefit of boosting the ranking of their page in search engines.

With SEO being the cutthroat game that it is, it is foolish to ignore such a lucrative opportunity as this. Yes, ADA compliance will bring many benefits to those who would otherwise be unable to access your page; however, thinking entirely selfishly as a business, you can expect that if you implement as many ADA compliance changes as you can to make your page more accessible, your website will receive far more organic traffic and the revenue-boosting lead generation opportunities that invariably follow.

Orange County SEO and web design professionals have taken notice of this crossover benefit and are ready to help you and your business take advantage of this opportunity.

Increases Target Audience

Many people throughout the United States have some form of disability. In fact, some estimates put this figure at almost a quarter of Americans. Making your website inaccessible to those who may have a disability severely limits the potential of your business. By taking the necessary measures to make your site more accessible, you can capture the attention of a much broader audience.

It is likely that you have neglected to consider this broad segment of the American market that you are missing out on. In this light, you can look at ADA compliance, not in a somewhat negative way as something you must do in order to avoid a lawsuit but in a positive way as something that carries the potential to dramatically benefit your business.

In truth, businesses must never turn down a lucrative opportunity to generate additional revenue. Making the very minor investment in applying the changes you will need to become ADA compliant will pay off in the long run with a larger customer base. To do this efficiently and cost-effectively, make sure to turn to a team of professionals in WordPress web design in Orange County for advice.

Boost The Reputation Of Your Business

Not only will you be able to avoid the tangible financial repercussions of a lawsuit if you make your pages ADA compliant, but you will also reap the benefit of boosting your reputation. Orange County web design professionals know just how important effective social media management is to the success of a business. As such, it is vital you make every effort to highlight your compliance with ADA and make it something that celebrated within your business.

The power of glowing customer experiences, reviews, and comments can make or break businesses in the digital age. Imagine the positive spotlight that would be placed on your business, locally or nationally, if you did everything you could to make your company the poster child for ADA compliance.

Consumers want the businesses from which they purchase goods and services to have a positive social impact. This manifests itself as an increased concern for diverse lifestyles as well as the environment. Make sure that you go above and beyond the ADA requirements to make your pages user-friendly for those of all ability levels.

Do not just do the bare minimum and expect to be heralded as a progressive company. It is important to take some time to think about what the new ADA guidelines are asking for and how you can change your company to better reflect these ideals in its philosophical approach to business.

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