5 Advantages Of Using A WordPress Web Design

Are you looking to start a website for your Orange County California business? There are almost infinite possibilities from hiring expensive developers to completely customize a site for you, to using a cookie cutter template site. There is however, a solution between the two that has the flexibility of offering customization if you like or you can keep it simple with a themed template, and that is WordPress. Here are five reasons it might be a good idea to use a WordPress web design for your site:

  1. WordPress is free

Yes, hard to believe but true. The world’s most popular web platform is free. This is because it is open-source, that is, owned by no one in particular. Developers from all over collaborate to develop and improve WordPress constantly, so that means updates and fixes are also free. With so many eyes on the development, quality and security are maintained through public scrutiny.

  1. WordPress is easy to use

One reason for WordPress’ popularity is its ease of installation and use. Most web hosts offer one-click installation of WordPress on their servers, and once it’s installed, managing content and media is quite straightforward. It features a graphical user interface for content management and publishing, and there’s no need to do any coding if you don’t want to.

  1. WordPress is flexible

Even if you’ve already published content on your WordPress website, you can change the look and feel very easily by changing the theme. Themes are templates that are readily available in different styles and for different purposes, so it’s simple to change your WordPress web design. You can buy custom themes with specialized features, but there are thousands of free themes as well. Most themes don’t require any coding or programming knowledge.

  1. Lots of support

If you decide your site needs some tweaking to get the look and feel exactly right, or you want to add some functionality, there will be no shortage of developers available to assist you. Orange County, CA alone has a large WordPress community. As the world’s most popular web platform, support is readily available. And, you know the platform will be around for the long haul, unlike some proprietary system that might leave you in the lurch.

  1. WordPress is scalable and modular

WordPress is designed in such a way that it is possible to expand its functionality in a variety of ways. Utilizing plugins that are designed for specific functions, you can add capability to your site such as a shopping cart, contact form or a landing page. The vast majority of plugins are also free, and don’t require any knowledge of coding. And as your traffic grows, your WordPress web design can handle as much traffic as you can generate.

So there are five great reasons to use a WordPress web design for your Orange County, CA business. It’s a cost effective platform that is flexible, powerful, and easy to use. Plus it has a huge following and support network should you ever need a little extra help.  Contact 1EZ Creative for Wordpress Web Design Orange County Ca.