5 Tips To Succeed With Your Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO Marketing is search engine optimization for local Orange County and other businesses and services. It focuses on optimizing your search results for users based on their current or intended location. For instance, if a user performs a search from their location aware mobile device, or if they type in a location along with their search, the search engine will return results near that area. So you want to make sure your business is included. Below are some tips on how to make that happen:

  1. Make the information your local customers expect prominent Be sure to put a phone number and Orange County address on every page in an obvious place. Include all your contact details, what your business offers, and general information about your business. It’s important to have certain pages, such as an About page, as well as Contact, Services, Location and a Blog. If you have multiple locations, create a separate page for each location.
  2. Optimize contact page with map and directions to your business Your website will be the primary destination for customers looking to find your business. They will expect at a minimum to see a map, directions, operating hours, phone number and an email address.
  3. Optimize your website for mobile users This means using responsive web design or having a dedicated mobile website. Users are increasingly searching for products and businesses, including Orange County, using mobile devices. A mobile optimized site will boost your local SEO. Mobile friendly websites use a lot more scrolling than clicking when it comes to navigation, and the whole experience is optimized for use on the smaller screens of mobile devices.
  4. Claim your Google My Business and Google + listing Google My Business is a way to get your business found in Google Maps, get insight into how customers searched and found your business, and a way to read reviews and respond to them. Reviews are also a key component to optimizing your local SEO. They help build trust and they single out your business among the competition. Be sure to encourage your customers to leave reviews by putting the request on invoices and receipts, training staff to ask for reviews, and by creating dedicated materials with a list of sites where you’d like to be reviewed.
  5. Blog Blogging works for local SEO just as it does traditional SEO. It sets you up as an authority in your field, which can build trust among potential customers and increase the likelihood they’ll choose your business when deciding to make a purchase. You can blog about anything that adds value to your potential customer. Try looking for ideas in local news sites, publications and newsletters. You can set up a Google alert for news in your industry, or follow social media to monitor issues and topics.

These five tips can give you a good idea of what Orange County Local SEO Marketing is and how to implement it for your local business. Continue to refine these, monitor your search rankings and see how you stack up!

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