Why Great Content Writing Is Crucial For Success

Having fresh, unique, and current content writing on your website is important to engage and inform your customers. This serves not only your customer, but of course your Orange County business.

Building Trust

By providing interesting and readable content writing, you are developing a relationship with your customers, not only in Orange County, but world-wide, and building a sense of trust that you are indeed a knowledgeable source of information. You wind up becoming an expert in your field and standing out, establishing credibility. This trust that you are developing builds confidence in your brand and products, and when it’s time to buy you’re likely to be at the top of their list.

Search Engine Optimization

But another compelling reason to provide great content is to improve your Search engine optimization (SEO). Your ranking with the search engines is a critical factor in getting your customers to your website and its content in the first place. Luckily, good content ranks well with the search engines. If your content is current, unique and valuable, lots of people will read it and stay on your page for more than a few seconds. If you’re lucky they will even share it over social media, further strengthening your ranking.

There are other factors to consider in the SEO game. In order to be considered relevant, articles generally need to be 500 words or more. Articles that are 1,200 or more words are considered “long form” content and can also be used effectively. The longer articles can make your content appear more authoritative on the subject, which can increase readership and improve ranking results.

And of course there are key words. You want to have well researched keywords and use them naturally several times throughout your content.


So how can you build good content? One of the best ways to add current and relevant content writing to your site is through a blog. A blog doesn’t require any site redesign to add information. And renewing your site with fresh information is an important factor with the search engines. Furthermore, as you add content, it continues to work for you over time. Search engines will continue to index and rank your older content, as it will still be useful to your audience.

Content needs to be relevant. It’s relevant if it fits the topic of the site you’re writing for, adds value to the end reader, contributes to the overall quality of the site, fits the keywords you are using, and makes sense for any backlinks that link to it. But one of the easiest ways to know if your content is relevant is to give it the common sense test. If it seems interesting and readable, it probably is.

So you see, it’s critical for your Orange County business to put quality content writing first when posting material. It will build trust with your customers in Orange County and across the net, but will also boost your SEO rankings. When search engines can find you, so can your customers.

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