Reasons You Should Consider a Website Redesign

If you are involved in the online marketplace, there is no doubt that you have seen what benefits a great looking, easy to navigate website can bring to your business. An online presence is extremely important in today’s marketplace as the majority of today’s consumers are reached through their computer or smartphone screens, and attracting them to your business is vitally important.

Simply having a website is not enough nowadays. Your website must be able to keep up with the competition. If your business is struggling online, it may be time to consider a website redesign. If you are in Orange County, CA and need a new web design, consider 1EZ Creative Orange County web design to get the job done right.

Make your Website Aesthetically Pleasing

Your web design needs to look good in order to entice Orange County customers. Having a website that is attractive to the consumer will keep them engaged and in turn on the site for a longer period of time. If the site was designed even as little as four years ago – and has never undergone any website redesign targeting  Orange County consumers – your website runs the risk of looking outdated. No matter the concept or product you are promoting, if the website looks unprofessional and amateur, the consumer will walk away.

Avoid Outdated Designs

Another sign you may require web design is if you are still using Flash player to entice California’s online consumer population. Adobe Flash used to be a very popular plugin for websites. The operative words here are “used to be”. Nowadays, consumers are accessing your website on their smartphones and mobile devices, which cannot run Flash. Flash is outdated and will not get you ahead in Orange County, so a new web design may be in order.

If you are running a text-heavy website, you should strongly consider a website redesign. Today’s consumer does not want to read page after page of text and imagery and videos are becoming more and more prevalent. Text heavy sites will only push new visitors away and run the risk of alienating your original customers.

A user friendly web design in Orange County will help you get ahead of your competition and stay in the lead. 1EZ Creative is here to help you and we provide custom website design to suit Orange County’s consumer, while ensuring your site reflects your company’s needs.

Focus on Customer Experience & Retention

Retention of customers and converting new visitors to your site should be the goal of any e-commerce venture. If your website is pushing them away, something needs to change.

Your site should be responsive, meaning it should give the same experience to your customers no matter what platform they are using. Whether it is through a tablet, a phone, or a laptop, your site should be consistent. This applies to your messaging platform too. If you are pushing a certain cutting-edge product and are ready to take California by storm, but your website design fails at demonstrating any enthusiasm or pride in that product, you need to make an adjustment.

Keep the loading times low if you want to retain new and existing customers. 47% of users expect a loading time of 2 seconds or less, and 40% of users will leave a site if they have to wait any longer. An efficient web design will give your Orange County, CA, consumers the fast loading time they seek.

Poorly designed sites often lead to poor conversion rates and equally poor search engine rankings. An effective website design will allow you to climb the Google rankings, which is vital to reaching your target audience. Having an SEO strategy will lead to higher conversion rates, and 1EZ Creative will help you create a web design that will close the deal with your Orange County, CA target audience.

Proper web design is important when establishing your business. Old and outdated web pages are difficult to update and refresh with new content. 1EZ Creative can help optimize your site for WordPress, which will make content management much easier for you and your California web design team.

Having a properly managed, content driven web design will give your Orange County, CA business the leg up it needs to stay relevant and fend off the competition.

Get With the Times

If you require a website redesign, 1EZ Creative is here to get your website up to date. We offer the latest services in web design and development including custom web design, mobile and responsive web design, WordPress and eCommerce web design, and also custom website programming. So whatever your web design needs we’ve got you covered.

Our team of experienced professionals can also provide branding and graphic design services offering unique logo and collateral design ensuring that you can achieve your desired look and convey your brand message to your target audience.

At 1EZ Creative we also provide internet marketing services which is vital in today’s web driven marketplace. These services include search engine optimization (SEO), copywriting services, local search marketing, social media marketing, public relations, blog marketing and paid advertisement marketing.

So whatever website services you need, you can find the full package at 1EZ Creative, the ultimate digital design agency.