Web Trends for 2018

2017 saw a continuing shift in the landscape towards mobile-driven web design and a growing insistence on engaging the user on a more personal level. Web browsers are improving constantly, and many of them are finally improving themselves in order to make a positive shift over to mobile. Additionally, multimedia is sure to gain in popularity this year. Let’s look at some trends that we think will have an impact over the coming year.

More Video & Photo Integration

Website design has come a long way in Orange County since the days of a simple GIF moving at the top of the page. With today’s internet speeds and video plugins being as advanced as they have become, integrating video and cinemagraphs into webpages has become a very simple process.

Cinemagraphs are nothing new, but 2017 saw an increase in the “live photo” phenomenon. With HTML5 Canvas ready to be used by the masses, it’s now possible in CA for web design services to render effects for sites that want to insert cinemagraphs at a much faster rate without being limited by overhead or color limitations. With these limitations lifted, you will begin to see an increase in home-made “live photos” being put up by your friends and family (and advertisers) on Facebook and Instagram over the course of 2018.

Video in the form of hero video headers have found their place on movie sites and even on Paypal, wherein a video will play over the screen as before you log in or as you are searching around. Having these videos on the site is a great way to engage your audience and will be a trend to watch in 2016.

More Illustration & Color to Come

Website design must engage Orange County users if it wants to survive, and bold colors and illustrations are two ways they’ll do that over the course of 2018. With illustrations and sketches, webpages can have a much more captivating look to them, which is sure to draw in a wider base. These illustrations can make professional websites seem more “human”, which will certainly help connect with today’s user.

Color schemes are also going to take a bolder stance than they have in years past. Last year, web design took a step towards flashier colors in Orange County and this trend hasn’t stopped. In fact, in all likelihood we will see the colors become even bolder and take on a very retro aesthetic. This color palette is not only meant to be eye-catching, but will also create a sense that they understand the typical Orange County user’s desire of what their website design should be.

Typography & Icons

Web design services in CA have been experimenting more and more with different styles of typography, and this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down now that we’ve entered 2016. This year, there will continue to be many bold typefaces used, but alongside them will be many different typefaces that wouldn’t have been possible without today’s streamlined interface. Google Fonts and Adobe Typekits have made it possible for any web designer to create various fonts to fit the look of their web page.

Kits for designing icons emerged in 2017, which means in 2018 any designer will be able to create their own personalized icons much easier than ever before. This adds to page personalization, which in turn leads to a higher connectivity rate with the user.

2018 is promising to be a bold year for web design, with the focus continuing to be on improving the user experience. This year, you will have every opportunity to utilize trends such as illustrations, videos, and bold colors and fonts to your advantage to attract users to your webpage and retain them like never before.