Googles Mobile-First Indexing Is Here Are You Ready?

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As the titan of the search engine industry, Google is leading the way by acknowledging that mobile usage has exploded in recent years. The tech giant actually rolled out this idea some time ago but if you were not aware until now there is no need to worry. Its implementation has taken some time and now mobile-first indexing represents an exciting digital marketing opportunity for savvy WordPress web designers in the Orange County area.

How to deal with this new digital environment is the question on everybody’s mind. However, what you should really be focusing on is how to leverage this development to increase the profile of your business or your clients’ business. Here, we will run through the basics of what mobile-first indexing entails, how it will change the digital marketing game, and how you can optimize your content to take full advantage of what it offers. If you need to get up to speed with mobile-first indexing, then continue reading to learn more.

Understand The Market: Why Mobile-First Indexing?

In the past, search engine indexing systems typically relied on the desktop form of a given page’s content to catalog entries. As many people will know from experience, this meant that searches on mobile devices created some havoc when these desktop versions appeared in search results but then differed significantly in functionally from their mobile counterparts.

Since mobile usage is growing exponentially, it simply makes a lot of sense to switch to a mobile-first system of indexing. This is a trend that is being readily acknowledged by WordPress web design professionals in Orange County. In this scenario, mobile versions of sites will appear more frequently in Google search results. Keeping in mind the mobile user experience is now of paramount importance.

It is important to note that this development does not directly change how Google ranks content but is more relevant for how Google gathers content. Keep in mind that mobile-first does not mean mobile-only. For example, if you happen to only have a desktop version of your site, you will not be penalized for this in the Google search rankings. The change will be noticed mostly by those who have separate URLs for desktop and mobile versions of their sites.

However, if you do have a mobile version of your site, there are some important things to keep in mind, and mostly avoid, in order to expand your digital reach.

Best Practices For SEO Moving Forward

If you have already mastered the fundamentals of search engine optimization, then you should not have too much trouble adjusting to the mobile-first developments. Some things will never change, and you should always maintain high-quality content as the cornerstone of your digital presence. Any improvements you can make in this area will make a dramatic impact on your SEO rankings in any digital environment.

Fast loading content that is mobile-friendly definitely cannot hurt your search engine rankings either. This follows best practices established by WordPress web design in Orange County. In the mobile-first environment, make it a priority to have your site highly responsive and keep your mobile pages optimized for speed and quick loading.

Remember to have structured data for both the mobile and desktop versions of your site. Also, make sure to keep titles and metadata the same for both versions of your site. This is in accordance with the best practices outlined by Google. It is worthwhile to keep an eye on the announcements made directly by Google to keep up to date with all up-to-date changes as to how different SEO practices should be implemented. Web design professionals in Orange County can assist you with this process if it seems overwhelming to ensure that you do what is required.

Some things to be wary of in the age of mobile-first indexing are mobile interstitial ads and Flash-based content. The use of these tools can actually come with a serious rankings penalty from Google. If you are too reliant on these practices, you may want to reconsider this as soon as possible.

Interstitial ads are mobile ads that fill the entire screen of your mobile or desktop device. They are called “interstitial” because they usually appear at a natural break in the content of your page. Due to the fact that they have full-screen coverage, they obscure content on mobile devices, which Google does not like. You may have already even optimized your mobile sites for this feature, as this has been Google policy since November of 2015.

Flash content is also a bad idea due to its clunky use on mobile devices. While Flash can be a great tool on the desktop, it is often contrary to the purpose of mobile searching, which usually prioritizes speed and ease of use. As such, avoid the use of Flash if possible. Aim to make the mobile user experience the best it can possibly be, perhaps with the help of WordPress web design professionals in Orange County, and you will thrive in the mobile-first landscape.

Make Your Pages Mobile-Optimal

If your business site, or your clients’ business sites, does not yet have mobile versions, then seriously consider moving in this direction to match the direction of the trend. This will help you better adjust to future mobile-related developments in the future. Acknowledge that Google is clearly sending a message that mobile is increasingly important and get a jumpstart on the competition.

For now, consider the advice outlined here and provide your mobile users with the best possible experience. This will be a mutually beneficial win-win for both your business and your users. Consider enlisting the help of professional WordPress web designers in Orange County if you have additional questions or concerns about mobile-first indexing.

The Best Orange Country Web Design For Mobile-First SEO Best Practices

If you are concerned that your business is not ready to adapt to the mobile-first environment, it makes sense to let professional WordPress web designers in the Orange County area help you out. For a digital marketing agency in Orange County, that you can rely on, get in touch with our knowledgeable and professional team at 1EZ Creative today, the Orange County mobile responsive web design experts. With our skills and dedication, we can help you to prepare your site for mobile-first indexing.