The Importance of Responsive Website Design

Mobile Responsive Web Design Experts

All digital marketing professionals should be aware that mobile searches have begun to overshadow their desktop counterparts. Google has announced that they are indexing in a mobile-first way, though this will be fully rolled out over time, and have also hinted at more mobile-friendly changes to come. These developments are nothing to be alarmed about as a digital marketer, as with the right tools and guidance this trend can be treated as an opportunity to make your pages more responsive and more mobile-user friendly.

Responsiveness is critical in maintaining your users’ interest in your pages in an increasingly mobile-friendly world as well as to secure your spot on Google’s mobile-first search rankings. These two points alone should highlight the importance of responsive web design to any business owner. However, for the unconvinced or the uninitiated, read on to learn more about what responsiveness is, why it is important, and how you can make your pages more responsive to ensure your business thrives moving forward.

What Is Responsiveness In Web Design?

Even if you are not explicitly involved with the web design aspects of your pages, you should be aware of the essential principles to better understand the current digital, and increasingly mobile, environment

Responsiveness boils down to the ability of a page to render and scale nicely on a variety of devices. This means that the layout of a page can adjust to different screen sizes while still appearing in a coherent way, as it was intended to appear by you! Images on such pages should also be pliable enough so that they appear properly proportioned and positioned on both desktops and mobile devices of all shapes and sizes.

The responsiveness concept is particularly relevant in the days of the mobile revolution and that time is now. As many people will know from experience, reading some ill-conceived pages on a smartphone or tablet can be a nightmare. You can be sure that if you do not pay close attention to the responsiveness of your own pages, your users are likely just as frustrated as you have been and will ultimately seek the information, products or services they need elsewhere.

Design For Google’s Ranking Algorithm

For purely self-interested reasons, responsive web design can help you climb to the top of Google’s search rankings. Google actively rewards sites that optimize for mobile-friendly use. So, if you have already made your pages with responsive design in mind then you can sit back and enjoy the easy gains made from having your page get lots of attention from the mobile-indexing crawl bot.

While your pages are not explicitly penalized for not being geared towards mobile, they will be penalized if they are not responsive. It makes sense to get on the bandwagon and kill two birds with one stone. Making your pages responsive and mobile-friendly now will save you the trouble of re-configuring everything when future Google algorithm updates move increasingly away from desktop formats.

Make Your Users And Customers Happy

This was touched on in the introduction but it is worth restating because it is so important. Every digital marketing professional, including Orange County web design experts in Newport Beach, know that the ultimate success of your pages boils down to the user experience. You need to aim towards increasing value for your users and customers and make sure that they feel like you are taking their experience into account.

Nothing says you do not care about this more than having a messy and clunky mobile version of your pages for mobile users. Most of your users nowadays are, most likely, looking at your content from a mobile device. Meet them where they are and ensure that your designs are responsive to the sensitivities of tablet and mobile users immediately. They will be far more likely to be return visitors to your pages allowing you to increase your overall web traffic.

Your Competitors Are Using It

If you still need convincing as to why responsive web design is important, consider the fact that most of your competitors are already doing everything they can to optimize for mobile users. It would be tragic for your traffic and your bottom line if you lose your audience and new interest to sites that are easier to use for most people.

Keep pace with responsive web design to ensure that you do not get left behind. You will also enjoy a healthy advantage over those web designers who are not yet on board with the mobile-first movement.

How To Make Your Pages More Responsive

While a tutorial on how to make your pages more responsive is best left for an article, or even a book, of its own, some best practices to follow must be mentioned here.

Since responsive web design takes some technical know-how, you can either hire an experienced and professional WordPress web design agency in Orange County to help you out or you can use web design tools that have been proven to help with responsiveness.

You should also aim to make the critical content of your pages easier to access for those searching from a mobile device. Most people do not want to sift through many paragraphs before finding the answer to their questions. Keep your mobile content clear and concise and you will be rewarded with increased responsiveness in your design.

1EZ Creative Web Design Experts In Orange County Are Here To Help

Since responsive website design is necessary in the current digital marketing landscape, it is best not to go it alone. Here at 1EZ Creative, our team of highly skilled and professional WordPress web designers in Orange County has a proven track record when it comes to responsive web development. With our expertise, we can help you to ensure your website is designed with mobile in mind.

Now more than ever, it’s critical that you inform yourself as to the importance of responsive web design. However, for expert advice that will take your website to the next level, it’s always best to seek assistance from the pros. Get on board with mobile-friendly, responsive design today and you will be sure to be prepared for the changes that are coming in the near future.