Why Is WordPress The Choice For Mobile-First Google Results?

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With the explosion of mobile-based searches, which only continue to grow in volume, it is important to think about how you are managing your online content in a traditionally desktop-dominated field. Online content providers are scurrying towards more mobile-friendly methods especially in the wake of Google’s announcement regarding mobile-first indexing.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the digital landscape today. It is used by approximately 34% of the top ten million websites online as of April 2019. With such widespread use, it is perhaps intuitive that WordPress is one of the best options for mobile-first results and finding  mobile web design experts are crucial for your online business.

However, the reasons for this go much deeper. Not all content management systems are created equal when it comes to mobile-first content! WordPress features several inherent properties that allow it to be the superior choice for mobile content management. Whether you are already using WordPress and want to learn about how it can be used for SEO in the mobile environment or whether you are new to the platform and are converting to the wonders of WordPress, continue reading to learn more.

Plugins Make WordPress Extremely Versatile

The open-source nature of WordPress allows inspired and motivated people to design plugins to accommodate just about every development in the digital marketing field. When it comes to the mobile-first revolution, this is no different. Using WordPress can allow you to easily download useful plugins to navigate your way through the optimization of your pages.

If you are not already familiar with it, Jetpack is perhaps one of the best all-around plugins out there. Among other useful features such as site analytics and expanded themes, Jetpack includes SEO tools and mobile integration apps that can boost your rankings for mobile search everywhere. WP Mobile Pack is another great option for ensuring that your desktop-based content transfers nicely and remains responsive in the mobile context.

Elementor is also a good plugin to use if you lack advanced coding skills. It is a drag-and-drop page builder that also allows you to turn elements of your page on and off depending on whether a user is viewing your page from a mobile device or a desktop. This requires a bit more effort to adjust things for both formats but the end result can be more effective.

The mobile user experience of your page is critical for maintaining your ranking on Google’s mobile-first indexing system. Take advantage of many other, often free, plugins to get ahead of the trend towards mobile-first content. For other great advice on useful WordPress plugins, contact a web design team in the Orange County area for assistance or advice.

Google AMP Is WordPress Compatible

Google AMP (AMP stands for “accelerated mobile pages”) is a completely free way to ensure that your pages are extremely mobile-friendly. In exchange for sacrificing some of the appearance of your pages, Google AMP will strip down your site and provide users with a streamlined information-first impression of it on their mobile devices. Google themselves report that using AMP technology uses ten times less data and typically load in less than a second! It is hard to imagine a better mobile user experience.

Google AMP is easily compatible with WordPress. To get it up and running, simply install the AMP plugin and it will transform your users’ mobile experience. This will certainly help your pages out in the Google mobile-first search rankings. Furthermore, as it is becoming increasingly popular and given WordPress’ flexibility, there are many more WordPress AMP resources readily available online that can help you gain an advantage over your competitors.

Depending on the nature of your page, whether you are running a successful blog or selling consumer goods, you will want to make sure that not too much of your page’s aesthetic is sacrificed for speed. To this end, additional plugins can be helpful to retain some customizability under the umbrella of Google AMP.

Support Is There When You Need It

If you are great at creating content that your audience loves but lack some of the more technical skills behind mobile integration and optimization, you will find that WordPress has an expansive support base both online and among web design experts.

Since the use of WordPress is so widespread, it is pretty straightforward to get help with any problems or questions you might have in the process of designing your pages. You can start by asking around online for any advice and in many cases, you will find answers that can guide you in the right direction. Having said that, if you run into insurmountable obstacles along the way, try visiting a professional WordPress web design agency in Orange County to help your team out with mobile-first design and ensure that you get off to the best start possible.

Diverse WordPress Themes Are Perfect For Mobile

One of the great things about WordPress is the variety of themes that can be used to customize your pages and help them stand out. While many of the older WordPress themes have existed before the mobile revolution, contemporary themes are usually geared towards mobile-friendly usage.

The critical point to remember when it comes to mobile-friendliness is responsiveness. If you want users to take your pages seriously, you will want to have highly responsive pages that load properly. Make sure to verify that the WordPress theme you are using is designed with mobile use in mind. The good news is that, nowadays, most of them are. You can even customize these themes to make your own unique personal aesthetic shine through while keeping your loading time and responsiveness high.

Our Orange County Web Design Experts Can Help

While WordPress will certainly help guide you into the mobile-first shift, if you are based in the Orange County area, our team at 1EZ Creative Orange County web design experts can offer you real, worthwhile and practical advice from a local web design team that understands the market. While there is a good chance that you are already using WordPress to display your high-quality content to the world if you have not tried it out then consider it today! For any additional questions or concerns about WordPress web design, get in touch with our team of professional WordPress web designers in Orange County and let us help you to take the necessary steps to ensure you are mobile-ready.