Why You Need To Secure Your Website With HTTPS And SSL

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With the sophistication of modern-day cybercrime, it’s important that you take enhanced security and privacy measures for your website. While Orange County Web Design companies are not necessarily security wizards, their expertise can be invaluable in making your site more secure. Nowadays, everyone with a web presence should strive to keep informed about the latest essential developments in online security. Seemingly minor and easy-to-implement strategies can save you from major headaches if your website security were to be compromised for any reason.

For example, upgrading the security of pages with an SSL certificate has been encouraged by major organizations like Google for years, but recently the Google Chrome web browser has implemented the decision to mark non-compliant sites as “Not Secure.” Getting an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for your site is a relatively straightforward and low-cost process and should be acquired by every website owner who takes their website seriously. However, if it is not immediately apparent what you can gain from an SSL certificate, our team of WordPress web design professionals in Orange County has put together a list of irrefutable reasons why it is essential to secure your website with HTTPS and SSL today.

Your Credibility Will Suffer

Websites that do not install an SSL certificate will be featured as “Not Secure” on mainstream web browsers. This digital shaming looks terrible for a business or blogger who wants to be taken seriously as it can seriously affect the perceived credibility of your website in the eyes of your users and customers. You can be sure that those who visit your website will be hesitant to divulge any personal information, such as a contact email, let alone feel comfortable with buying any of your products directly from your page if the website is deemed not to be secure.

As a website owner, it’s important that both your brand and its online presence appear in as professional a manner as possible. If most other websites, including your competitors, are updating to accommodate these changes while you do not, there’s a good chance that your business will suffer and could even be left behind. Maintain the trust of your user base by taking the steps to acquire an SSL certificate now. Having this certificate installed will change your familiar “Http://” to “Https://” and allow users to know that any data they share with you will be safe from interference from potentially prying eyes. Your ability to generate interest in your company and development new leads from your customer base will benefit and this is something that can easily be implemented by a reputable Orange County web design company.

More Responsive

Responsiveness is essential for every modern website if you are serious about providing an optimal user experience and appearing higher up in Google’s search rankings. With the prevalence of mobile searches and the introduction of mobile-first indexing for Google’s ranking system, how responsive your website is, can be critical.

Making sure that your page appears properly and quickly on both desktops and mobile devices can be greatly enhanced by taking advantage of the most up-to-date speed and security features. Authenticate and encrypt your pages with an SSL certificate to enjoy the benefits that having a trusted, secure website can offer your business. For more information on how to increase the responsiveness of your website, contact our team of Orange County Responsive Web Design experts and let us help you to get you on the right track.


Having an SSL certificate is now explicitly a Google ranking factor in-and-of-itself. With the user experience in mind, the Google algorithm ranks those pages with this encryption and protection higher than those that do not. This alone should be reason enough to see the necessity of accommodating these changes.

There are so many other factors that require perfect optimization in order to boost your ranking potential with Google. The painstaking efforts you make in these areas will simply not be as effective in the absence of an SSL certification. Having your rankings suffer due to a relatively straightforward factor with an easy remedy would be regrettable and for this reason, any credible Orange county web design agency would recommend you take the necessary steps to secure your website as soon as possible.

As a side note, it’s also important to be aware that after you have updated your pages with an SSL certificate, some fluctuation in the ranking of your pages may take place. This is part of Google’s re-indexing process and should not be cause for alarm. In the long-run, your webpages should return to their former position in the results or higher.

Give Security Some Serious Thought

One of the most salient reasons for getting an SSL certificate for your website is obvious. Anyone who is responsible for a website should be interested in keeping it secure and protected from malicious attacks. Every website owner that is serious about protecting their users’ data and information should always be looking for ways to improve and keep up-to-date with the latest developments in internet security. For these reasons, it is vital that you ensure that your website supports an encrypted connection. An SSL certificate makes sure that the server of the website is authenticated and that all data is protected while in transit.

Many cyber-attacks take advantage of data that is poorly protected while it is moving across networks. You can ward off being perceived as easy prey by malicious users simply by joining the growing crowd of website owners who secure their pages with an SSL certificate.

Orange County Web Design Teams Perceive HTTPS As The New Normal

The seriousness with which Google and other major players in the internet search domain are taking the SSL certification process should give you an idea of how important this development is. Change your way of thinking and begin to perceive the HTTPS system as the new standard for serious websites. Making the simple transition will ensure that your webpages are compatible with emerging web apps and modern browsers, while at the same time ensuring they are protected to a greater degree from malicious attacks.

If you need some help setting up SSL certificates for your website, or simply have some questions about the process that needs answering, contact our team of WordPress web designers in Orange County today. With our team at 1EZ Creative, you can be sure that you make the necessary changes properly and that your website is more secure going forward.