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Pacific Sporting Arms East

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Sporting Arms Web Design


Benelli Shotguns Authorized Dealer, Beretta Shotguns Authorized Dealer, Blaser Shotguns and Rifles Authorized Dealer, Kolar Shotguns Authorized Dealer, Krieghoff Shotguns and Rifles Authorized Dealer, Merkel Shotguns and Rifles, Perazzi Shotguns Authorized Dealer.


Pacific Sporting Arms is owned and operated by shooters who have a vast knowledge of the shotgun sports world. We are your full service “Shotgun Sports Store”. Our specialty is service to our customers. Our professionals are experts in the latest trends in competition shooting and equipment. Our staff is second to none in the area of gun selection and gun fitting. We offer not only the finest products but the knowledge required to fit and customize the firearms to help our client obtain maximum results in tournament competitions, recreational shooting, or in the field. Give us a call and we will gladly help you personally select and fine-tune your competition shotgun.


1EZ Orange County Web Design Company specializes in Sporting Arms web design and marketing services for your business.



February 09, 2015

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